Enfield Advisory Service for Autism

Enfield Advisory Service for Autism

Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism

Charges for Out of Borough Clients and Private Educational Settings


Please note: State funded educational settings in Enfield and Enfield resident parents and children & young people may access EASA service free of charge.

Support for Educational Settings

School or Setting



Auditing and Action Planning. We use the Autism Education Trust Standards to help you understand what you are doing well and areas you would like to improve in your school or setting. We will then support you to write an action plan for your setting.

½ day support (3hrs)



Community building. We will help develop your autism-friendly community by encouraging your staff and parents to work together. We can attend coffee mornings and provide information and support on common topics such as toileting, feeding and eating, and homework.

Prices depend upon support required.

Please call to discuss your needs.

Staff Development

Training. We offer a variety of staff training options, including all the Autism Education Trust modules for Early Years, Schools and Post 16. Basic Autism Awareness and related activities can be covered in a half-day session. A more in-depth look at Good Autism Practice with related group tasks is 1 day.


We also offer online workshops on a variety of themes. These are often run as twilights and can be delivered in staff meetings, or for staff to access individually from home.

Whole setting:

Twilight: £400

½ day: £800

1 Day: £1,500


Twilight: £60

½ day: £120

1 Day: £210

Mentoring. We have Advisory TAs who can provide mentoring to classroom staff. The Autism Education Trust Competency Framework is used with individual staff in your setting to help them identify their training needs and demonstrate their professional development.

Mentoring package:

4x ½ day visits £350

6x ½ day visits: £450

Supporting children and young people







Surgery. This is usually a half-day session and gives staff in your setting the chance to discuss up to 6 children or young people with one of our Advisory Teachers. This can be done in-person or online. Surgeries will inform whole setting development and the training needs of staff.

3hr Surgery:


Telephone Consultation. You can request to speak to one of our team to discuss an issue or pupil’s needs.

15mins: £30

30mins: £50

Parent and teacher collaboration. We can support you to work together on children’s EHCP outcomes and IEP targets.


Prices depend upon support required.

Please call to discuss your needs.

Assessment. We will help you embed the AET’s Progression Framework, a free assessment tool for non-academic areas of development. The AET Progression Framework will help you to pin-point areas of learning that children or young people need to work on and provide an effective way to monitor and track progress.

½ day training: see prices above

Direct work with children and young people. This is detailed in our Children and Young People’s section below.


Part-time timetables, risk of exclusion, or change of placement

If a child or young person in your setting is on a part-time timetable, at risk of exclusion, or is being considered for change of placement, we will support you in the following ways:

  • Review provision in your setting using the AET Standards and support you to write an action plan to meet pupil needs
  • Review staff training needs using the AET Competencies and offer appropriate training options (e.g. workshops or TA mentoring)
  • Liaise with other professionals involved with the child or young person (e.g. the Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapist and/or Occupational Therapist) regarding observations and statutory reporting and will contribute as required.

Prices depend upon support required.

Please call to discuss your needs.

Support for Parents and Carers

Help understanding autism



ATLAS. The ATLAS (Autism Training Links And Support) Course is especially for parents of newly diagnosed young children up to 6 years. The course is held online and is led by a team of different professionals from health and education services.

Not currently available to out of borough parents

Cygnet. This course is for parents who are familiar with their child or young person’s autism but would like to know more and learn about how to support them better. This course is for parents of children aged between 6 years to 18 years. This course is held online and is led by an Educational Psychologist and an EASA Parent Support Advisor.

£200 per parent

Opportunities to meet other parents

Cuppa and Chat. You are welcome to come along to meet other parents at these sessions hosted by the EASA Parent Support Advisors. Refreshments are provided.

£5 Donation

Help with meeting my child/young person's needs




Drop-ins. Parents are welcome to come along to a Drop-in at Bell Lane and meet one of our EASA Parent Support Advisors. These sessions are held fortnightly and are often the quickest way to access advice and support.

£5 Donation

Online Parent Presentations. These run regularly on a variety of themes such as toileting, behaviour, independence, sleep and adolescence.

Individual access: £30 per session

Parent Workshops. Practical sessions led by our Parent Support Advisors at Bell Lane.

Individual access: £30 per session

1:1 appointments with a Parent Support Advisor. These can be arranged either in person at Bell Lane or on the telephone. There will be a wait for 1:1 support.

Individual access: £30 per session

Help to know

what support I can access

Information on local services. We can signpost you to other trusted organisations and useful sources of information.

£5 Donation

Support for Children and Young People


a diagnosis of autism



All About Me. Our Educational Psychologists can support school staff to work through the ‘All About Me’ programme with a child or young person, helping them learn about their own autism in a positive and constructive way. If school staff are unable to do the programme with their pupil/student, the child or young person can register for this programme directly with EASA and attend sessions with their parent or carer. 

£450 per child or young person

Autism for children and young people. We can deliver assemblies or class sessions to help children and young people in schools develop autism awareness and learn how to support their autistic classmates.

£275.00 (based on 3 hrs)

Therapeutic support



Narrative Therapy. A way to think through life issues, discuss concerns, find coping strategies and celebrate strengths and successes. These sessions are led by trained staff.

£100 per person for 7 sessions

Abridged PEERS programme. 7 group sessions aimed at helping children and young people to develop interaction and friendship skills. These sessions are led by Educational Psychologists.



(to run the whole programme with a group of students in an out-of-borough or private setting)

Sibling support


Online Siblings Group. This support group is aimed at older primary and secondary-aged children and is hosted by Educational Psychologists. Each group usually runs for 7 sessions. Participants get a certificate of attendance at the end of the 7 sessions.

£100 per person for 7 sessions


Travel expenses and translation costs may be added where appropriate.